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One of the most common reasons why your vehicle may breakdown is due to an overheated engine. As you know, this may happen because your vehicle is being overworked, its cooling system isn't in top shape, or because it's having to endure extreme temperatures. Still, whatever the reason may be, you can follow the tips below to deal with an overheated engine while you're on the road.

What to Do if Your Car Overheats

  1. As a preventive measure, you should keep a coolant or water bottle in your vehicle, especially if it has overheated before. Just keep in mind that water is only a temporary fix.
  2. If you notice that your vehicle's temperature is rising, turn off the A/C and roll your windows down. If the situation is getting worse, blast on the heater to help your engine regulate its temperature.
  3. If you can't get to the side of the road due to heavy traffic, park or put your vehicle in "Neutral". Try to go at a slower and steady pace to let your vehicle take a break.
  4. Get off the road as soon as you can. Then, turn off your car and open the hood to let the engine cool. After around half an hour, check the reservoir. If it's empty, pour the coolant or water into it.
  5. Finally, once you've gotten your vehicle cool again, take it to a professional. They'll be able to help you deal with the situation, and help you care for your vehicle properly so it doesn't overheat again.

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