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Prepare Your Boat For Your Next Adventure on the Water!

Tips to Prepare for Boat Season

Now that winter is over and spring is in full swing, your next adventure out on the water is just around the corner. If you haven't pulled your boat out of winter storage, now is the perfect time to do it. Before you head out on the water, we have some spring maintenance tips to help you prepare your boat for the season.

Fuel System Check

As you start your spring maintenance, pay particular attention to your fuel system. Start by looking at your fuel hoses, looking for any damage that can cause problems in the future. Damage can include softness, brittleness, and cracks. Replace damaged fuel hoses, but be sure that they are properly connected and fit correctly. Next, test your engine to ensure it is functioning properly, along with the exhaust and ventilation system. Lastly, you will need to pump some fuel into your boat, just be sure it is the right fuel for your specific model.

Inspect Belts, Cables, and Hoses

These components may seem small, but the reality is they are an important part of your boat's health and safety. Check all the hoses onboard and look out for cracks and leaks. Get damaged hoses replaced because a leak can turn into a serious problem and a costly repair. After a winter in storage, belts can turn brittle and start to crack. Just like with the hoses, a damaged belt should be replaced before it has a chance to cause serious problems. Keep in mind that worn belts can also leave behind black residue. If your belts are looking fine, the next step is to ensure they are at the correct tension. Normally, they should fit tight, but you should check your owner's manual for specifics on your boat.

Top Off Fluids

To protect your engine this spring, don't forget to check on your boat's fluids. Some of the most common fluids that need to be checked on and either topped off or replaced include the coolant, battery fluids, and oil. If you didn't change your boat's oil before storing it for the winter, it should definitely be on your to-do. After a summer filled with boat trips and a winter in storage, your oil has probably developed some buildup. This gunk and buildup can be bad news for your engine's health and your fuel economy. To give your engine the best protection this season, give it a synthetic oil change and remember to replace your oil filter as well. Synthetic oil will help your engine stay clean and perform better all spring while protecting it from corrosion.

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Focus On the Electrical System

The electrical system aboard your boat will also need some attention before you're ready to go. Start by checking all electrical connections, looking out for corrosion and frayed wires. Both of these are bad signs that can be dangerous for your boat and your passengers. You may want to hire an electrician to take a look at your electrical system before you decide everything is ready for spring. Remember to charge your battery and have it tested. Even if your battery charges, it may no longer be able to hold a charge. Instead of figuring this out while in open water, get it tested beforehand and save yourself the trouble of getting stranded.

Clean the Interior and Exterior

Finish off your maintenance by giving your boat a good cleaning. Wash the exterior with some mild detergent and scrub away any dust and moisture that built up over the winter. Apply a layer of wax, not only to make it look nice but also to protect it from UV rays and other potential damage hiding in the water. Next, clean the interior and keep things organized. Be sure you have proper safety equipment on your boat, including a full first aid kit and fire extinguishers.

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