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The summer heat may be intense, but this doesn't necessarily mean you need to put your motorcycle away for the season. Enjoy the open road this summer and stay safe with these tips.

Safe Motorcycle Riding Tips

If the summer weather has you dodging the sun, you may be using your motorcycle less than usual. While it may be hot outside, this doesn't mean your motorcycle has to hibernate for the season. In fact, you can continue riding your motorcycle in summer heat, but it is important that you ride safely. Before heading out on the road again, check out these safe riding tips for the summer.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Whenever you're out in the sun, hydration is a must. This is even more true if you're riding your motorcycle during the summer months. Not keeping yourself hydrated can lead to serious consequences, like heat exhaustion and heat stroke. While this is bad all on its own, it can be worse for motorcyclists. To stay alert, focused, and safe on the road, drink plenty of water. It's best to carry water with you so that you have easy access to it no matter where you are. Avoid drinking coffee and alcohol since these can lead to dehydration faster.

Take a Break from the Road

The summer heat can get overwhelming, which is why it's important that you take breaks from it every so often. If you're on a road trip or are simply taking a longer ride than usual, be sure to schedule rest stops along the way. If you're anxious to get to your destination, remember that it's better to get there safely without putting yourself in more danger. Taking breaks will allow you to rehydrate, rest, and get out of the sun for a bit. It also gives you a chance to check on your motorcycle so that the rest of your trip goes smoothly.

Keep up With Motorcycle Maintenance

Checking in with yourself is important, but so is checking on your motorcycle. Ideally, your motorcycle should be in good shape before heading out for the road. This means you will have to check on its systems, fluids, and lubrication. Start by ensuring your tires are in good riding condition and at the proper air pressure. Next, focus on your motorcycle's fluids. This means checking that your motor oil, brake fluid, and coolant are still in good shape and at the proper levels. If you're not sure what oil to use in your motorcycle, you can't go wrong with a synthetic oil. If you don't have any experience with synthetic oils, contact AMSOIL Dealer, Dwight Smith for the personalized service you need. Give them a call at (702) 561-3706 or browse their full range of AMSOIL Oil products in their online shop.

Wear Proper Riding Gear

Because it's so hot outside, you may be tempted to leave your riding gear until things cool down. Don't! You may get sweaty under your gear, but this will help you stay cooler than if your skin was exposed. If you leave your long sleeves, pants, and gloves at home, you're exposing yourself to sun, which can lead to sunburns and quicker dehydration. Instead of opting out of wearing protective gear, look for gear that is made for summer riding. This gear will still be protective while also being more breathable.

Be Smart on the Road

As a motorcyclist, you're probably already aware of the fact that you're exposed to more danger than other drivers on the road. Because of this, it's important that you're always alert and paying attention to traffic. Beyond that, make smart choices when it comes to riding. For example, avoid heading out for a ride when the weather isn't great. Keep an eye on the weather and avoid riding through storms or through extreme heat. This also means you should avoid riding your motorcycle during the hottest times of the day. It's also important that you carry emergency supplies with you no matter how far or how close your destination is. Be sure your phone is charged before heading out just in case your motorcycle breaks down or you need some roadside assistance.

It's Time for a Synthetic Oil Change in Ann Arbor

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