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Fall is finally here and you shouldn't forget about your  lawn mower, as it also requires a few maintenance chores to keep it in perfect condition for the next mowing season. Performing these simple tasks will ensure that you'll be able to keep your yard looking good when spring comes along once more. For this reason, Dwight Smith in Burn Parks, MI would like to share a few useful tips so you can store your mower properly.

How to Store Your Lawn Mower for the Winter

Clean the Lawn Mower

First and foremost, make sure to remove the spark plug before performing any maintenance chore, as this will keep the machine from starting and help avoid any injuries. Once you do, start cleaning your lawn mower: remove any debris, filth, grass, and other buildup from your mower, and also look out for loose bolts or any other damage. If you find any, fix them before you store your lawn mower for good.

Empty the Gas Tank

You should drain your gas tank once the mowing season is over. Neglecting to follow this step can result in the fuel breaking down and creating particles that can damage your engine, and may prevent it from starting when you need to use your mower again. Another option is using a fuel stabilizer to keep your gas fresh while your mower is stored away.

Change the Synthetic Oil

It's recommended that you change the oil after every mowing season, this way you will have fresh oil for the upcoming year. Remember that using the right synthetic oil will prevent excessive wear in your small engine, as well as boost the performance of your application. Make sure to include these simple but important chores in your fall home maintenance checklist, this way you will prevent malfunctions and expensive repairs. Also, be sure to read our guide on how you can extend the life of your car.

For the Most Effective Synthetic Oil use AMSOIL

Fresh motor oil will allow your engine to reach its optimum performance. AMSOIL and its high-quality synthetic oil and products can help in this regard, since they'll protect your vehicle and help it run smoother and better. If you are looking for AMSOIL Oil in Burn Parks, MI Dwight Smith will be glad to provide you with the assistance you need. Please call (702) 561-3706 to place an order, or if you'd like more useful tips on how AMSOIL can help you save time and money on your vehicle's maintenance.

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