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Why Winter is the Perfect Time to Make the Switch to Synthetic Oil

If you've been tempted to try out a synthetic oil, winter is the perfect time to go for it. Whether you need synthetic oil for your everyday vehicle, your motorcycle or your snowmobileAMSOIL has got you covered.

Winter Preparation

Since winter tends to be a lot colder than any other season of the year and because it generally comes with inclement weather, most of us take the time to make all kinds of preparations for the season. Most of us will pull out our winter gear to keep us warm and most homeowners will perform winter maintenance to keep their home safe all season. If this sounds like your winter preparation, why not take the time to prepare your vehicle for the season as well? Winter vehicle maintenance is standard practice for most vehicle owners, and involves changing to winter tires, replacing old windshield wipers, and getting a seasonal oil change. Instead of getting your basic oil change, why not make it a synthetic oil change this winter? Because of the expected freezing temperatures, winter is actually the best time to give synthetic oil a chance.

How Synthetic Oil is Different from Conventional Oil

If you're unsure what makes synthetic oil different from conventional oil, there are actually quite a few differences that make synthetic oil stand out. From the way they're made to the way they perform, these oils are actually quite different. Conventional oil is pulled from the ground and goes through a refinement process. The end product is made up of different size molecules which can cause it to be less stable than a synthetic oil. The refinement process it goes through doesn't mean it is clean, most conventional oils still contain dirt, wax, and other contaminants after their refinement. Synthetic oils can be made two ways: synthetically in a lab or through a much  more thorough refinement process. In the end, these oils are made up of uniform molecules, giving them added stability. They are also cleaner and contain less contaminants. In the long run, this helps keep your engine cleaner, more efficient, and performing stronger for a longer period of time. There are also synthetic blends made up of these two types of oils, but they aren't as great a a full synthetic oil. Not matter when type of vehicle you drive, give it a full synthetic oil change in Burns Park this season. To find the best synthetic oil for all of your engines, contact AMSOIL Dealer, Dwight Smith at (702) 561-3706. Don't forget to stop by their online shop to find all of the best AMSOIL products for your engines!

Synthetic Oil's Winter Performance

As temperatures drop, your oil may have a harder time holding onto its fluidity. This means that as your oils becomes thicker and more sluggish it can leave your engine unprotected. During cold starts, after your oil has been sitting idle for a few hours, your oil may have a harder time flowing through your engine. Conventional oil needs time to heat up in order to perform its job well, a disadvantage during cold starts. Since your engine is left unprotected it will experience more friction. This added friction leads to premature wear and engine damage. To avoid this, rely on a synthetic oil to protect your engine all season. Synthetic oil won't lose its ability to flow even in subzero temperatures. Not only will it help keep your engine better protected, it will also reduce the amount of deposits it develops. Your engine will be more efficient all season long and will have a longer life overall.

Protect Your Snowmobile This Winter

If you've been looking forward to putting your snowmobile to use all year, the good news is winter is almost here! Before you take your snowmobile out for some fun, be sure to a give it an AMSOIL synthetic oil change. Whether you need a synthetic two-stroke oil or four-stroke oilAMSOIL has got your needs covered. Using an AMSOIL synthetic oil will ensure your snowmobile's engine gets the best protection in even the toughest of conditions this season. No matter what type of snowmobile you own, be sure it is getting the best engine protection with the help of AMSOIL Oil.

Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter With a Synthetic Oil Change in Burns Park

If you're looking for the perfect synthetic oil for your snowmobile, contact AMSOIL Dealer, Dwight Smith at (702) 561-3706. You can also find a full selection of AMSOIL Oil products for your snowmobile or any other engine in their online shop.

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