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Tips to Help You Improve Your Fuel Efficiency This Summer

The summer months can prove to be more difficult for your car. The heat can add extra strain to your engine, and your fluids may have to do extra work to keep your car cool. All this added work can lead to a reduction in your fuel economy. Don't fret, your local AMSOIL Dealer, Dwight Smith in Ann Arbor has some tips to help your improve your fuel economy this season.

Know When to Use Your Air Conditioning

While the hot temperatures may make it tempting to always have your air conditioning working, this can actually cause a serious reduction in your fuel economy. Overusing your air conditioning can result in up to a 25% reduction in fuel efficiency. Ideally, your air conditioning should only be used while traveling at higher speeds. For example, if you're driving on a highway or freeway at about 60 miles per hour, your air conditioning is your best bet for keeping cool. Remember to keep the windows closed in order to conserve the cold air inside.

When to Roll Your Windows Down

If you're traveling at high speeds, rolling down your windows can actually cause a greater reduction in fuel economy than using the air conditioning. This is because having your windows open while moving fast can create aerodynamic drag that causes you to burn fuel faster. If you're driving through city streets, feel free to turn off the air conditioning and roll down your windows to cool down.

Lighten Your Load

It's no secret that the weight of your car also affects how quickly your fuel burns. To conserve fuel, do you best to lighten your car's load. Start by removing unnecessary items from your trunk that could be adding extra weight. During the summer, it's a lot more common to see cars carrying around luggage racks and bike racks. Not only do these add more weight, but they can also create aerodynamic drag, causing you to waste fuel. If you are no longer transporting bikes or luggage, remove these racks from your car and enjoy your improved fuel efficiency.

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Avoid the Sun

Avoiding the sun during the summer may sound impossible, but there are things you can do to reduce your vehicle's exposure to it. The problem with the sun is that it will cause your car to heat up, not just in the cabin, but all over. This increase in temperature will cause your fuel to evaporate more quickly. To prevent this from happening, park your car in the garage or another covered space. If you're out running errands, look for parking spots in the shade. Since this isn't always possible, you can also use a windshield sun shade to reduce the amount of heat that makes it into your vehicle.

Perform Seasonal Maintenance

Seasonal maintenance plays a huge role in your fuel economy. By performing seasonal maintenance and fine tuning all aspects of your car, you can be sure your vehicle is running efficiently through the season. This efficiency will cause less strain, allowing your fuel to be used more efficiently. Simple things like staying on top of your oil change schedule and getting a synthetic oil change can help increase your fuel economy. Remember to also maintain your tires at their recommended air pressure in order to get the best traction and use you fuel more efficiently.

Basic Driving Recommendations

Just like in any other season, there are simple changes you can make to your driving habits that will reduce your fuel consumption. These include coasting to a stop instead of making sudden stops. Accelerating slowly as opposed to gunning the accelerator after a stop can also help conserve fuel. If you're in heavy traffic, avoid tailgating as this will cause you to brake more often and waste more fuel.

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