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How to Prepare Your Boat for Storage This Fall

Before you put your boat into storage next season, use the end of the fall season to prep your boat. Follow these tips from AMSOIL Dealer, Dwight Smith to get started.

Start Preparing for Winter Storage in the Fall

For avid boaters, the fall has come too soon. Although the weather may still be good enough to be out on the water, getting a head start on maintenance now before winter storage is ideal. Taking care of maintenance and preparing your boat for storage before winter will allow you to thoroughly inspect your boat and fix any issues before it's too late. Remember that performing proper maintenance will also help ensure that your boat is ready for use once the spring arrives.

Choose the Proper Storage Space

Before getting started on maintenance, decide where you will be storing your boat next season. Generally, aluminum, steel, and fiberglass boats are better off being stored on land where they will not be exposed to water. Wooden boats with an epoxy coating should be okay to stay on the water as this protective layer will resist water penetration. If your boat is smaller in size, storing it in your yard or driveway is a great solution that is very cost effective. Other large sized boats will be better off in an indoor storage unit. Whether you take your boat home, leave it in the marina, or invest in indoor storage, be sure you understand your responsibilities during the off season. A marina or boatyard as well as a storage facility will often provide some sort of contract that will inform you about their policies.

Clean Your Boat

Before storing your boat, be sure to give it a thorough cleaning. Start by washing the bottom of your boat and scrubbing off any built on marine growth. Wash the sides of your boat to remove any leftover buildup that may be corrosive. You can also apply a layer of wax to give it extra protection while it's stored. Step inside your boat in order to clean off surfaces and vacuum carpeted areas. If your boat will be stored outdoors, remove electronic equipment and organic materials, such as leather or other fabric items, in order to avoid damaging them.

Get a Synthetic Oil Change

Keeping your boat clean is just part of the maintenance process it should go through before being stored. Your boat's fluids will also need to be taken care of properly before your boat gets put away. Start by removing your boat's engine oil and oil filter. Since water and other materials have a tendency to appear in the engine oil, it is very important that you drain it and replace it. Since winter temperatures tend to dip quite low, your best bet is to invest in a synthetic oil for your boat. Check out AMSOIL's Synthetic Marine Motor Oils and find the one that best suits your boat's needs. Taking care of this step now will ensure your engine is well protected and ready for your first ride in the spring.

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Give Your Battery Proper Care

Before putting your boat in storage, don't forget to disconnect your battery! Keeping your battery hooked up even while your boat is not in use will drain your battery and may even kill it. To prevent this, remove the battery and charge every so often during the winter. This will help ensure that your battery is ready for use once spring arrives.

Fill Up Your Fuel Tank

It may sound silly to fill up on fuel right before your boat is being stored. The reason this is necessary, however, is because a low level of fuel will allow condensation to form inside the fuel tank. This can lead to rust and corrosion in the fuel tank which can be a hassle to repair. To prevent this from occurring, fill up your tank and don't forget to mix in a fuel stabilizer. The stabilizer will help keep the fuel in good condition and ready for use in the spring.

Replace Your Boat's Coolant

Another fluid you will have to take care of before storage is your boat's coolant. If your boat doesn't have the correct type of coolant, it can actually freeze in the reservoir over the winter. Not only can it cause damage when frozen, it can also cause corrosion in the reservoir. Prevent this from happening by flushing out your old coolant and replace it with fresh coolant. Before deciding which type to use, be sure to check the manufacturer's specifications for the best results.

Prepare Your Boat With a Synthetic Oil Change in Winston-Salem

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