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Don't waste all your cash at the pump this summer! Use these tips to increase your fuel economy these upcoming summer months!

How to Save on Fuel This Summer

It's no secret that gas prices tend to go up during the summer months. If you have a road trip planned for the summer, this can really make you second-guess your plans. Before you cancel your trip, keep in mind that there are tons of ways you can make your car more fuel efficient. To help you get started, check out these fuel saving tips from AMSOIL Dealer, Dwight Smith.

Keep up With Vehicle Maintenance

A car that is well taken care of will not only perform better, it will also be more efficient. This can mean better fuel economy as well as savings at the pump. To get the most out of your fuel this summer, take care of these simple maintenance tasks. Get a tune up: Can't remember that last time you got a tune up? Well, now is a great time to get one. Taking your car in to the mechanic for this service is never a bad idea since it can help your car work more efficiently. As long as your car is working efficiently, you can be sure your fuel won't be wasted because of added strain and issues in other systems. Change your air filter: A dirty or clogged air filter can add strain on your engine because combustion processes won't be performed as efficiently. To avoid consuming your fuel faster than needed, change your air filter at least once a year. If you're traveling through dusty areas often, change it more often for the best result. Use the right oil: Getting oil changes is a must if you want to keep your engine working efficiently, but not all oil changes are the same. For the best results, which can lead to better fuel economy, use the correct oil grade and be sure to use a synthetic oil instead of a conventional oil. If you're worried about how much you will end up spending on gas during your summer road trip, take are of maintenance before you leave. If anything, be sure to at least get a synthetic oil change before heading out of town. To find the products you need, contact AMSOIL Dealer, Dwight Smith at (702) 561-3706. You can also find all the best AMSOIL Oil products in their online shop.

Develop Better Driving Habits

Everyone thinks they're a great driver, but this usually isn't accurate. In fact, most people have a few things they can change about the way they drive to make their car more fuel efficient. If you're not sure what bad driving habits may be wasting your gas, these tips can help you identify them and change them. Reduce the weight you're carrying: It's not uncommon for many drivers to carry around tons of extra weight in their car's cabin or trunk. Sports equipment, clothes, and other items that were thrown in the car for a specific event may stay in the car for longer than needed, adding to the weight you're carrying around. This added weight makes your car heavier and harder to maneuver, which means your car is working harder to move. We probably don't have to tell you that this leads to fuel being consumed faster. We probably also don't have to tell you that making time to clean out your car every week is a great way to avoid this dilemma. Avoid idling your engine: An idling engine doesn't just contribute to pollution, it can also put a serious dent in your fuel consumption. You don't need to idle your engine on cold starts to help it warm up. In fact, you're better off driving away slowly to help your car get to its ideal operating temperature faster. If you know you're going to be sitting in your car with the engine on without moving for at least 30 seconds, you're better off turning off your engine and then turning it back on. Contrary to popular belief, this will help you save fuel much better than allowing your engine to idle. Avoid stepping on the brake: There are a few aggressive driving habits you will have to let go of to get the most out of your fuel. The first things you need to let go of are speeding and accelerating way too fast. Both of these habits can burn fuel way faster than you'd like. Next, avoid stepping on the brake constantly. If you're driving at a reasonable speed and have left plenty of space between the driver in front of you and your car, there will be no reason for you to step on the brake constantly.

Synthetic Oil Change in Ann Arbor

If you're doing everything you can to save money on fuel this summer, don't forget to to get a synthetic oil change in Ann Arbor. Contact AMSOIL Dealer, Dwight Smith to find all of the best AMSOIL Oil products, like their Signature Series 0W-40 Synthetic Motor OilGive them a call at (702) 561-3706 to learn more.

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