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To keep your dirt bike healthy for longer, regular maintenance is needed. This post can help you find the best synthetic dirt bike oil and other products to keep your bike riding at its best.

Tips to Help Keep Your Dirt Bike Healthy for Longer

If you love hitting the track on your dirt bike, chances are you do your best to keep it in great shape. But, how much do you actually know about dirt bike maintenance? This post can help you ensure your dirt bike is truly well taken care of.

Wash Your Dirt Bike

You may be tired after being on the track all day, but washing your dirt bike after every ride is essential. It takes a little extra effort, but it will ensure that you bike stays healthy and rideable for longer. Use water and some brushes to gently scrub down your dirt bike and remove any caked on dirt and mud. Some areas of your dirt bike will be easier to clean if you allow the mud to try before attempting to scrape it off, but be sure to get it done by the next day. If you're using a hose or pressure washer to clean your ride, do so carefully. You want to avoid pushing water into areas that can mean trouble, like electrical components.

Give It a Thorough Inspection

Once your dirt bike is clean, allow it to dry completely before inspecting it. You can make the drying process go by faster by using a dryer or leaf blower, but, again, be careful to not push water into areas where it can cause damage. Once things are dry, check your bike for leaks. Leaks are easily detected when they cause a bit of pooling on the ground around your bike. Look for dripping or pooling on the floor in order to get to the source of the leak. As your inspect your bike, be sure to also check that the nuts and bolts are tight and not coming loose.

Change the Oil

All dirt bikes will need oil changes, but how often you change the oil will depend on a few factors. How often you ride your dirt bike and the conditions you ride it in will all affect how often you should change the oil. For example, if you tend to ride in sandy or muddy conditions, you will likely have to change your oil more often. It's also a good idea to check your manufacturer's recommendations for more accurate information. For a selection of the best synthetic dirt bike oils, check out AMSOIL's full range of dirt bike oils, including their 10W-40 Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil made to improve the performance of your bike. For a full range of AMSOIL's best products, contact AMSOIL Dealer, Dwight Smith today! Call the pros at (702) 561-3706 to find all the products you need to keep your dirt bike in shape. For a full range of products for your dirt bike, motorcycle, car, and even your marine engines, check out their online shop.

Check on the Chain

Keeping your bike's chain at the right tension and lubricated can make all the difference between a good ride and one that ends in disaster. After a ride allow any mud on the chain to dry before scraping it off with a gentle nylon brush. Once it's clean check that the tension is just right. If your chain is too tight it can snap during your next ride. If it's not tight enough it can come loose during a ride. Once your chain looks good, be sure to lubricate it and avoid ever riding with a dry chain.

Clean the Air Filter

Keeping the air filter clean can help prevent serious damage to your engine and can even help improve your bike's performance. To clean it, simply remove it and wash it. You can use a spray on cleaner designed for air filters or you can even wash it with water and a gentle household cleaner. Allow it to dry before coating it with air filter oil. Allow the air filter oil to become a bit tacky before putting it back in its place. For more information about the importance of synthetic dirt bike oil, be sure to check out AMSOIL's Dirt Bike Oil FAQ's.

Synthetic Oil for Your Dirt Bike in Ann Arbor

AMSOIL Dealer, Dwight Smith can help you find the best products for your dirt bike! Contact their experts at (702) 561-3706 for help finding the right AMSOIL products for your dirt bike and all your other engines. For a full selection of their products, stop by their online shop.

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