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Your engine is a wonderful and powerful machine that works very hard to get your vehicle to where you want to go. However, to keep it that way, you need to care for it properly. For instance, you can use

AMSOIL 100% Synthetic Oils

on your vehicle to keep it well-lubricated and running as smoothly as possible. Moreover, you need to change your oil every so often as part of a routine maintenance if you want to ensure that your engine functions as expected. For more information on this crucial part of your vehicle’s upkeep, continue reading

Why You Need to Regularly Change the Oil in Your Vehicle

As mentioned above,
AMSOIL synthetic oils will provide your engine with the protection it requires to perform to its fullest capacity. Still, the oil needs to be changed regularly so it can continue to lubricate the engine as expected. If you’re unsure as to why you should replace the oil in your vehicle on a semi-regular basis, consider the following reasons:

- Synthetic oil
lessens the friction between the components in your engine. When you drive, the different parts in your engine start moving so the vehicle can run. However, in doing so, they brush against each other, which wears them down and increases the temperature in your engine. Using AMSOIL synthetic lubricants can minimize the friction and its consequences.

- With time and use, the oil in your vehicle becomes
dirty since it mixes with the filth that builds up in the engine. As a result, the oil doesn’t perform as well as it should, leaving your engine exposed. Moreover, oil filled with dirt and trash can turn coarse, and can actually damage the different components in your engine, accelerating their wear and shortening their life expectancy. Changing the dirty, old oil for a new, fresh one eliminates this possibility.

- The oil in your vehicle can
thin out due to use and extreme temperatures. While AMSOIL synthetic oils have a higher viscosity index and can withstand those conditions better, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t subjected to them. Replacing the oil in your engine every so often helps you be certain that the thickness in the oil can provide the protection your vehicle needs to drive you to your destination safely and smoothly.

- Of course, neglecting to change the oil in your vehicle is not without its
consequences. The temperature in your vehicle starts to rise up when it’s not properly lubricated, which can lead to an overheated engine and can cause your vehicle to shut down. Moreover, it can also result in worn down components, which will affect your vehicle’s performance and will also take its toll on its lifespan.

- Finally, one of the most important reasons why you should change your oil is to save on the maintenance
costs for your vehicle. As you know, using AMSOIL synthetic oil can guarantee that your engine will be well-lubricated. Furthermore, replacing the oil in your vehicle when necessary, minimizes your engine’s wear, which means that your pocket won’t have to take a big hit to fix issues that shouldn’t be there to begin with.

Signs that It’s Time to Change the Oil in Your Vehicle

As stated above, you should make sure that your vehicle has an oil change whenever it needs it if you want to keep it in perfect condition. Nonetheless, if you are uncertain of when exactly you should perform this crucial maintenance job, there are different ways to tell if your engine is in need of an oil change. You can read through the tips below to figure out if your vehicle needs to have its oil replaced:

1. It’s often recommended that you change the oil in your vehicle about every
3,000 miles. However, keep in mind that this depends largely on the kind of vehicle you own, the condition it is in, and the use you give it, so check with a professional to get a more accurate number.

2. Time can also be a determining factor when it comes to knowing if you need an oil change. For example, if it’s been
over a year since its last replacement, your vehicle may be due for another one. Try to stay on track of your oil changes and write them down so you don’t forget.

3. When you first pour oil into your vehicle, it is a light brown/yellow color. However, time, use and dirt can turn it a darker, blackish hue. If you notice that the oil in your vehicle has changed
color, then you should have it replaced as soon as possible to keep the dirt from wearing down your engine’s components.

4. The amount of oil in your vehicle can also be a telling sign of a necessary oil change: it should be at the
required levels for it to provide the protection that your engine needs to keep running. Check your oil, and if it’s lower than it should be, refill it and make sure that it isn’t leaking out.

5. A strong indicator that many people often ignore is the “
check engine” sign on your vehicle’s dashboard. If you notice that it turns on, it very well may be that you should replace the oil in your vehicle. If after doing this the sign is still on, take it to a reliable mechanic to get it professionally inspected.6. As a final tip, remember to keep an eye out for your engine and to take notice if anything unusual starts happening with it. Sometimes, the need for an oil change can cause your engine to become noisy or jumpy. If this occurs, change your oil and consider visiting a mechanic for further inspection and to get a professional opinion.
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Synthetic Oils vs Regular Oils for Your Vehicle

Now that you know when to change the oil in your vehicle, you may be wondering what kind of product you should pour into it to protect it as efficiently as possible. Your two basic choices are regular or conventional oils, and synthetic oils. For more information on the differences between the two of them, refer to the points made below.

- First of all, you should consider that synthetic oils and regular/conventional oils are
made differently. While the former is manufactured from gases and alcohol (which minimizes greatly the amount of deposits left in your engine), the latter is created with crude oils that are known to leave a residue behind that can affect your vehicle and its performance.- Another important difference is the viscosity index in both of these options. Synthetic oils have a higher viscosity index, a preferred shear stability, and are less prone to oxidation, which basically means that they can lubricate your engine better, provide greater protection, and are more resistant to extreme temperatures than regular oils.

- If you’re worried about your vehicle’s
performance, then you should know that the superior protection that synthetic oils provide over their conventional counterparts, can also result in an improved execution on your engine’s part. The level of lubrication can lead to smoother rides and an increased horsepower for your vehicle.

- Lastly, you should also consider the
value they provide. While at first glance regular oils seem like the cheaper option between the two, know that synthetic oils don’t need to be changed as often, which results in less waste, less damage to the environment, and less money spent. Moreover, the protection that synthetic oils provide can help lower the maintenance costs of your vehicle, since it’ll be in the best shape possible.

AMSOIL Synthetic Oil in Ann Arbor

If you’re searching for the best synthetic oil, one that can guarantee that your engine will be well-lubricated and in perfect condition, you need to trust in AMSOIL’s synthetic lubricants and oils. AMSOIL’s high-quality products are committed to excellence, and can deliver the results you expect and deserve to keep your vehicle in top shape, saving you time and money in the process.

Whether you have a small engine (such as a lawn mower), a motorcycle, a truck, an ATV, a UTV, a car, or other vehicle, know that AMSOIL offers a wide variety of top-of-the-line oils that caters to the specific needs of each of those vehicles, and can provide the benefits discussed above. For example,
20W-50 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil can keep the engine on your domestic or foreign motorbike cool, provide quality protection for its chains, reduce the appearance of rust, and improve its endurance to extreme temperatures.

Furthermore, you can turn to AMSOIL if you require fuel additives, grease, antifreeze, coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, among other products of the highest quality to ensure that your vehicle can keep running to its fullest potential for longer.If you’d like more information on the benefits that AMSOIL can provide, on the different products they offer, or would simply like to make a purchase, feel free to contact
Dwight Smith, an AMSOIL Authorized Dealer in Ann Arbor by calling (702) 561-3706. He’ll be able to guide you and share his expertise so you can acquire the best synthetic oil for your vehicle and its needs.
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